A World of Cookies for Santa

About the Book

"A WORLD OF COOKIES FOR SANTA" shares a glimpse of different Christmas traditions, and tasty treats children around the world leave for Santa to enjoy on his yearly trip around the globe.

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More Recipes

Looking for some new favorite recipes or something new to leave for Santa? Check back often for even more recipes for treats from around the world.


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Other Traditions

Pinatas, Christmas carolling, fireworks...   Christmas is celebrated in many different ways. Explore some of the fun and festive ways other countries celebrate.             

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Giveaways & Goodies

Surprises are one of the best parts of Christmas celebrations.

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About the Author

M.E. Furman's interest in holiday traditions around the world began in fifth grade,when her class studied how children in other places celebrated Christmas. She's been interested in treats and traditions around the world ever since. M.E. (pronounced Emmy)originally wrote A WORLD OF COOKIES FOR SANTA as a project for her son's third grade class, using the countries of origin and Christmas cookies of his classmates families. 


Today, she lives with her family in the Northern Rockies where there's always a white Christmas (and often a white Valentine's day and spring break!). The one cookie they always make for Christmas is Scottish shortbread, but they enjoy trying new cookies as well.

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